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Bharumal Amrani, The Man on Mission

Feataured image for Bharumal Amrani Suthar Biography written by Late Shree Dr. Ashok Bakhtani

Bharumal Amrani Suthar is a famous writer, poet, environmentalist, social worker, and researcher. He has translated and written 6 books as well as worked on indigenous communities of Tharparkar. He has been working for the protection of wildlife, trees, and the proper utilization of natural resources. Mr. Bharumal is well-equipped with folk wisdom. He used to write articles in leading Sindhi and Urdu newspapers on folk wisdom, rites, and rituals, literature, climate change, wildlife, indigenous communities, eco-zones of Tharparkar, folk music, and culture.

Full NameBharumal Amrani
(in Hindi: भअरो म्ल अम्रनि, in Urdu: بھارُو مل اَمرانی , in Sindhi:ڀارُو مل اَمراني )
FatherShree Kanji Makar
Born on17th Feb. 1982, in village Sutharan-Jo-Tar
Current City
of Residence
Chelhar, District Tharparkar (Sindh)
ProfessionPoet, Historian, Social Worker, Writer and Teacher

Early Life & His Family

Bharumal Amrani was born to a multiskilled Amrani Suthar family in the tiny village of Sutharan Jo Tarr on February 17, 1982, the time when Thar was passing through a flowering season. His family moved and settled at Beebhani, a beautiful village, which was located on a sand dune at the banks of the fabulous Ranasar pond in the lap of the main town of Chelhar.

His grandfather Sabho Ji with a towering personality was a man of his own word who had instilled an immense sense of hospitality and folk wisdom in his sons. Bharu’s uncle Hemo Ji was a popular folklorist in Tharparkar. Bharu was lucky to get birth in a typical Thari cultural environment.

Bharu’s mother, whose five baby boys died in a series, lived a grieved life with deteriorated health. She succumbed to her protracted ailment and left for eternity when Bharu’s two sisters were teenagers. Both sisters were raised along with other children in his grandfather’s extended family.

Bharumal, an innately sensitive and shy guy, prematurely had to be involved in household affairs, and eventually landed at an islet of uncertainties! Afflictions robbed of his joyful boyhood and unending sufferings never let him have a breathing space! Bharumal never had leisure time with friends and neighbors. He married at the age of 22, and is longing to be the father of a child!

Early Education

Bharumal’s father and uncles were inherently artisans and farmers, and they made all efforts to keep him happy and healthy, but couldn’t please the child, who was very different from the rest of the village children. Bharumal was sent to his mother’s village, where he was raised by his maternal grandmother and admitted in the school. Thus, Bharumal had primary education at his mother’s parental home, Chaho village.

After class five, Bharumal had to leave his mother’s parental home. His father enrolled Bharumal at a high school in Mithi. He did matriculation and the intermediate from the Government Boys Degree College at Mithi. By then, Bharumal was a groomed young boy of 16, who learned about diverse social and cultural trends of Thari society.

Keeping aside, all agonies and shortcomings, he formally stepped into the field of literature and arts, loved to explore a variety of rich Thari folklore, and remove the layers of dust from several distorted and forgotten literary work of traditional poets and bards. This was really a challenging work he chose to do and was profoundly inspired with. He got himself enrolled at the University of Sindh, Jamshoro, but couldn’t complete the degree, as he was overburdened with family matters and responsibilities. After he started working at NGOs, Pakistan Mithi, and newspapers, he completed his remaining studies. He later successfully passed Masters and LLB degrees from the University of Sindh.

Professional Career

After he was overburdened with family matters and responsibilities. he had to join a private job with a local NGO in Mithi. He continually switched jobs with a couple of private organizations. He worked as a journalist in Mithi, and later as a sub-editor for various newspapers in Hyderabad Sindh. For a brief period, Bharu remained co-editor of a weekly ‘Thar News’ and a monthly ‘Thar Magazine’ in Mithi. He also worked as compare and script writer with Radio Pakistan Mithi.

He joined an environment sector NGO, SCOPE as a project coordinator. He availed the opportunity in a very suitable way to learn about ecology, climatical habitats, climatic change, flora, and fauna in Tharparkar. Folklore, the subject he was working on and inspired by, his new learning on ecological patterns and zones truly carved him into a pragmatic research fellow.

Bharu’s simple and introverted style of life remained a major factor to go along with him however, his quest and spectrum of work shaped him as a scholarly expeditionist. It is obvious, that his insight and interpretation of Thar’s social dynamics and diversity confer him a leading position among contemporary writers. Nevertheless, poured with instincts of creativity, in him, resides a romantic poet, he loves the poetry of bards and Charans, thus the bulwark of Bharu’s literary work has been poetry.

Bharumal Amrani with cultural colorful Thari turban, standing on stage and addressing at cultural event
Bharumal Amrani addressing at cultural event

Bharumal Amrani often comes across jealousy, many mediocre literary friends try their level best to belittle him. He always reciprocates with silence, however, which has taken a toll on his physical health. Occasionally, he errs to judge and differentiate between small mechanicians of books and literary giants.

Bharumal Amrani has authored forewords and prefaces of the books of renowned writers and poets, including Prof. Saindad Saand, Shankar Sagar, Prof. Atta Ullah, Ahmed Solangi, Dileep Kothari, Amar Sahar, Ayaz Rizvi, Poonjraj Kessrani and others. He authored the reviews of Sindhi writers’ books.

He is well known in literary circles of the Sindhi diaspora. Besides Sindhi, he has authored essays and poems in Urdu language. Bharu has authored eight books in Sindhi language and translated three Urdu language books. Besides, dozens of columns, profiles, prefaces, papers, and articles on various subjects have been published in several papers and magazines in the last 25 years.

Conversation of Bharumal Amrani with Lahooti Melo 2021 Program

Books & Literacy Works

List of published books and literary works of Bharumal Amrani:

  1. Khushbu Jo Maut Translation of autobiography of world-famous Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy. Published in Sindhi daily papers in episodes 1996
  2. Teesri Dunya ka Adab (Urdu) Translated Rafi Abdi’s book into Sindhi. Published in Sindhi daily papers in episodes, 1997
  3. Tareekh Ke Nazriyat (Urdu) Translated Dr. Mubarak Ali’s book into Sindhi. Published in Sindhi daily papers in episodes 1997
  4. Geet Sawan Ja Mun Bhawan Ja Compilation of popular Thari folk songs 2004
  5. Murkan Malhaoon Poetry 2012
  6. Chand Khirryo Chelhar Te Compilation of articles on Bharumal 2015
  7. Dharti Gae Thee Research and compilation of poetry and folk songs of Tharparkar 2017
  8. Chatar Boli Charna Poetry of Charns and bards 2017
  9. Hamroth Chatisee Poetry of Kavi Banki Das 2017
  10. Thar Thar Andar Thak Profiles of Famous Personalities of Tharparkar 2018
  11. Mathan Lak Latif Chaay Tharparkar in the light of the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai 2020
  12. Thar Ji Lok Dahap Folk wisdom and social life in Tharparkar 2022

Bharumal knows the miseries of Thar and is equally inspired by its landscape and festivities and thus, he digs out his literary creation. He is quite young, just approached forty, and still a long way to go. He is a great asset, should take care of his health and keep energetic. Being his humble admirer, I would suggest him to keep away from making stakes of books and simply concentrate on qualitative work.

Presently Bharumal Amrani with his family lives at Chelhar and serves as a teacher at a nearby village of Bhorilo. Accredited with enormous literary work, he has gained credibility and recognition as an explorer, writer, poet, academician, and researcher. He is the recipient of several awards at the local, provincial, and national levels.

Biography Written by: Late: Shree Dr. Ashok Bakhtani

Connect with Bharumal Amrani

For more updates about the latest works and achievements of Bharumal Amrani Suthar, keep connected with his social accounts.

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