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Dr. Pardhan Roopani, a Man of Upright Character

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Dr. Pardhan Roopani Suthar was a renowned physician, author, poet, and columnist of different newspapers and magazines. He served as a physician for almost 5 decades curing the needy and poor patients. He has written a wonderful autobiography in two volumes about his well-spent age.

Full NameDr. Pardhan Roopani
डॉक्टर परधान रूपानी
ڈاکٹر پردھان رُوپانی
ڊاڪٽر پرڌان رُوپاڻي
Father’s NameLate Roopchand
Born inAugust 1942, in the village Mehke-Jo-Tarr of Taluka Chachro
Swargwas on24th May 2023, in Mirpurkhas (Aged 80)
ProfessionsPhysician, Author, Poet

Early Life & Family Background

Dr. Pardhan Roopani was born in 1942 in the village Mahke-Jo-Tarr, a small hamlet of taluka Chachro. Mahke-Jo-Tarr is named after Mahko Junejo who had established a colony of some houses here. With the passage of time, different communities including Juneja, Suthar, and Menghwar have been living here in this village. The family of Dr. Pardhan belongs to Shaashan(Nukh) Makkar who are actually descendants of the Bhatti clan of Jaisalmer.

Pardhan Roopani had three brothers i.e. Shree Venjhraj, Shree Mansharam, and Shree Utamchand. In childhood, family, relatives, and friends of Dr. Pardhan used to call him with the name “Peroo” in love. Throughout his life, he has been away from smoking, alcoholism, and luxuries.

Early Education

Dr. Pardhan received his primary education from the school of village Jhanji. For primary education, he used to go to school in the nearby village ‘Jhanji’ located north of his native village Mahke-Jo-Tarr. Pardhan was a bonafide student of famous teacher Saen Sachal Jhanjhi. There was no high school in his native village or Jhanji so he moved to Chachro to study further at High School. He matriculated from the Government High School of Chachro in 1961. After matriculation, he did intermediate from Shah Abdul Latif College Mirpurkhas in 1963. Comrade Jam Saqi, a great politician of Sindh was his very close friend and classmate during his journey from primary to a college education.

Picture Left to Right: Comrade Jam Saqi, Bhurji Singh, Pradhan Roopani, and Mohammad Ali Soomro. This image was taken when Jam Saqi and Pradhan Roopani represented High School Chachro at a speech competition, Mirpurkhas. (September, 1959)

Pardhan Roopani was bright in his studies and he also keenly participated in extracurricular activities at each level of his studies. He also represented his school and college in different speech and poetry competitions.

Dr. Pradhan reciting his poetry in a literacy event ‘Afsaani Ji Shaam Aen Mushaero’ chaired by Makhdoom Talib Ul Mola at Sachal Arts College, Hyderabad (1965)

Journey from Becoming a Teacher to a Physician

After completing Intermediate at Shah Latif College Mirpurkhas, he got a government Job as a High School Teacher at a school in the village ‘Patoyoon’ and served there for one year. But, his elder brother Mansharam who was a teacher at that time always believed in the hard work of brother Pardhan and had a dream to make Pardhan a doctor. Mansharam motivated him to continue further studies and to become a doctor. On the advice of his elder brother and his support, Pardhan stepped forward in life and meritoriously qualified for five years studies of MBBS at Liaquat Medical College Jamshoro. The Liaquat Medical College of Hyderabad is now popularly known as Liaquat University of Medical and Health Science Jamshoro.

Group photo of Dr. Pardhan and other batchmates during farewell party in Liaqat Medical College Hyderabad. Photo was taken in December 1967
Sitting L to R: Prem V. Ladhani, Dr. Sitaldas V. Vankwani, Dr. Chander D. Nutany, Dr. Lachmandas D. Nenwani. Standing L to R: Dr. Pardhan Roopani, Dr. Omparkash Rathi, Dr. Kimatrai Kamani (Group photo taken in Farewel event to Dr. Sital Chander at Liaquat Medical College Hyderabad in December 1967)

After five years of hard work and dedication, Pardhan Roopani completed the dream of his brother Mansharam and family by passing the MBBS in 1969. When that good news was conveyed to Mansharam by Haji Abdul Majeed Jhanjhi (Former Additional Deputy Commissioner) in Nagarparkar, he became overjoyed and was more than happy to have his son Bharat become a doctor. Since then, people started calling him Dr. Pardhan Roopani with great honour. Dr. Pardhan Roopani and Dr. Vishandas Raisinghani (from Islamkot) were the first among the Pakistani Suthar Community who did MBBS. Dr. Vishandas Raisinghani did MBBS from Nishtar Medical College Multan in the same year 1969, and currently he is currently living in Jodhpur (Rajasthan, India).

Dr. Pradhan with legendary Dr. Herchandrai Lakhani (1969)

Dr. Pardhan Roopani always used to credit his family, especially brother Mansharam, Saen Sachal Janjhi, Dr. Harchand Rai Lakhani, and Comrade Rochi Ram who motivated and inspired him to become a doctor.

Marriage and his Parenting Life

Dr. Pardhan Roopani married with a daughter of Shree Asandas Bakhtani Asdey in Mithi on 15th May 1972. Dr. Ashok Bakhtani Suthar, a renowned writer, and social worker of Tharparkar was one of the brothers-in-law of Dr. Pardhan.

After 6 years of marriage, Dr. Pardhan Roopani lost his beloved life partner. His wife had died due to an untimely and tragic death at LMC Hospital, Hyderabad on October 19, 1978. He resigned from the government job to ensure better nurturing of his son who was of age two years. Dr. Pardhan never married again though he was very young and handsome. Being a father, Dr. Pardhan played a vital role in nurturing and caring for his son in the best way. With his noble parenthood, he never let his son feel the loss of his mother.

It was due to his motivation and support that his son Subash Chander did BE from Mehran University of Jamshoro. Mr. Subhash is currently serving as an Additional Commissioner after he had meritoriously passed the examination of Provincial Civil Service (PCS).

Professional Career as Physician and Writer

Dr. Pardhan Roopani got a government job in 1970 and served as a Medical Officer in various hospitals in Thatta, Mirpurkhas, Hyderabad, Dadu, Tando-Allahyar, and Tharparkar districts. Later he resigned from a government job in order to nurture his son when his wife left this world due to her unfortunate death in 1978. Dr. Roopani didn’t leave serving people as a Physician and had been serving the people of Tando Allahyar and Mirpurkhas.

Dr. Pardhan opened his private clinic “Roop Clinic” in Tando-Allahyar and served there for more than 36 years. He used to travel by bus to serve at his clinic even though there were cars in his residence at Mirpurkhas but he always preferred simplicity in his whole life.

Dr. Pardhan Roopani sitting on chair in his Roop Clinic for serving patients
Dr. Pardhan Roopani at his Roop Clinic Thando Allahyar

He used to read newspapers, magazines, and recently published books with great interest and had a small and beautiful library in the drawing room adjacent to his clinic. Whenever Dr. Pradhan read the writings of others, he would send greetings along with his valuable comments to related writers.

Dr. Pardhan had a strong passion for writing since his school days. He has written columns, poetry, translations, and stories in newspapers and various magazines such as Hamdard, Latif Magazine, Liaqat Magazine, Ibrat Magazine, Mehran, Amrita, and Jagarta. Even in his old age, he had a passion for writing but he didn’t have the ability to write further as his hands started trembling due to weakness. However, he bestowed us with his autobiographical-based two excellent books that are worth reading for young generations and others.

Books written by Dr. Pardhan Roopani

Dr. Pardhan Roopani has written two volumes of books on his biography, poetry, and writings. His two books mentioned below are written in the Sindhi language and are published by Amarta Publications Hyderabad.

  1. سون سريکيون ساروڻيون (Soon Sarikhiyoon Saroniyoon), published in 2010
  2. جيڪي مون لکيو ۽ سکيو (Jeke Moon Likhyo aen Sikhyo), published in 2022
Book cover of Sur Sareeyoon Sarikhiyoon written by Dr. Pardhan Roopani and published by Amarta Publications
Book cover of ‘Soon Sarikhiyoon Saroniyoon’
Book cover of Jeke Moon Sikhyo aen Likhyo written by Dr. Pardhan Roopani and published by Amarta Publications
Book cover of ‘Jeke Moon Likhyo aen Sikhyo’

Due to illness in his old age, Dr. Pardhan Roopani died at the age of around 80 years, on 24 May 2023 in Mirpukhas. On that day, he left behind righteous descendants and the Suthar community of Pakistan lost a very talented legend having the utmost character. The news of his death caused a lot of grief to his relatives and friends, and hundreds of people mourned his death. May God rest his soul in eternal peace and joy.

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  1. We Roopani family are very thankful and indebted for such beautiful words for our Dr Pardhan Roopchand, who really was role not for us but for everyone, near and dear.
    He served selflessly. He has great worth for time and simple things. He lead wear and tear life.
    His love, truthfulness, honesty, welfare, sacrifice for others are best traits used every day.
    May Almighty Allah grant courage to us to follow up his beaten path.
    The greatest job he did was to educate whole family.
    Myself, it was not possible to earn PhD without the support of my uncle, Similarly all nephews got highest level of education and professional training with highest grade.
    Thanks to my lovely and ever forgotten uncle Dr Prdhan Roopchand.No words to define u, all round, upright character person.

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