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About Us

We care about our mission to empower and unite the people of Suthar Samaj through our valuable services and strong vision.

Group photo of team launching website in India dated 7th Oct 2010

Together We Can!

Let’s Build our Community more Strong & Empowered. launched in 2010, is a leading online network site for people relating to Suthar or Jangid community living worldwide. This website helps in socially connecting people of the Suthar community and provides them with one useful platform for communication, broadcasting, and collaboration and sharing their ideas and thoughts between them for the interest of the community or noble cause.

Know about our Journey

How We felt need of

With the passage of time, our young generations are lacking the knowledge of their true identity, dharma, notable biographies of community legends, and carpentry skills. And, they can’t find any useful platform providing such information.

Understanding above mentioned alarming situations, some well-renowned personalities from India, Pakistan, and around the world such as Shree Permanand J.Kessani, Shree Ranomal S.Hirani, Shree Ganesh Bijani, Shree Neembaram Waghmar, and others took initiatives and founded this website for noble and community cause.

To serve the Suthar Samaj people, this online website was launched in India and Pakistan on 7th Oct. 2010 and 24th Oct. 2010 respectively under the leadership of our community members. During the launching ceremonies, Founding members and some participants shared their valuable ideas and thoughts in order to make the Suthar Samaj community more strong and united under one platform.

Unfortunately, due to some reasons, this website had been down and non-active for more than a decade. After this long gap, the team of Suthar Samaj relaunched the website for the Diwali Event of the year 2022. We hope our team and volunteers will help this in making the website very useful for the betterment of the Suthar community.

May Lord Vishwakarma bless all the People of Suthar Samaj.

Reach to Us

We always love to hear from you. Contact us if you have any query or want to share some information to us. Don’t hesitate to reach us online.