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Who Suthars are?

Shree VishwaKarama Bhagwan Photo
Lord Vishwakarma

Suthar, also known as Jangid is a caste within the Vishwakarma community of Hinduism religion. The traditional occupation of Suthar people is carpentry. The god Vishwakarma is considered as patron deity of Suthars.

According to Hinduism, Suthars are the carpenters who are descended from Maya Vishwakarma, one of the five sons (Manu, Maya, Shilpi, Tvastar & Vishvajna) of god Vishwakarma.

How SutharSamaj works?

This online platform of Suthar Samaj have been founded by Shree Permanand.J.Kessani (Banbhinya) in 2010. The motive of founding this online community is to make Suthar people especially young generations aware about their dharma as per Vedas and other literatures from religion of Hinduism.

Shree Permanand.J.Kessani have authored many religious books for this noble cause.

Permanand.J.Kessani (Banbhinya)
Permanand Kessani Suthar


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This online platform has helped me to know about Suthar community, their professions and their gods.

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Generally, Being a Suthar, I lacked knowledge about Suthar community. But this website supports me in understanding who am I.

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This site is really useful especially for young generations of the Suthar community as they are currently lacking some knowledge about their dharma.