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SutharSamaj.net website launch in India

We are glad to inform you that Shri Vishwakarma Vikas Sansthan arranged a program for Deepawali on the 07th of Nov. 2010. During this program, the website launch ceremony of sutharsamaj.net was held by the chief guest Mr. B. M. Jangid [Bhadrecha] (chief inspector Custom @ Excise govt. of India) at Gayatri Nagar in Niyati Nohra (Suthar Samaj Community Hall).

A remarkable number of people were present in the website launch ceremony program. The Program began with the starting Aarti of the god Vishwakarma Ji.

Objectives of Website

The newly launched website will connect the Suthar community and also inform the activities of our community (Especially in Pakistan and abroad). After 1971 a lot of people migrated from Pakistan and settled in India. Their relatives still live in Pakistan. They don’t know much more about each other. This website will help them to know more about their family and their activities. The main objective of the website is to give a better platform to the Educated younger generation of the community from both ends. And also it will take the first part to keep you all informed about the political activities, business activities, and also social activities of our community.

Opinions of Founding Members and Others

Founding Members of the Websites including Mr. Permanand J. Kessani, Ranomal S. Hirani, Ganesh Bijani, and Nimbaram Waghmar reported that the social activities of our community have been highlighted very nicely on this website. At the event, Mr. Gumana Ram Jangid gave an introduction to each and every member of The SutharSamaj.NET team.

The president of the website Respected Mr. Bhima Ram Mandan and the Vice President of the website Respected Dr. Rasa Ramji Suthar thanked the website Designers: Mr. Dileep Kessani, Dinesh Suthar, and Ashok Khemani. They also thanked Mr. Pankaj Suthar and Mr. Madanlal Jangid for their Moral Support. These youngsters of the community have proved that there is nothing impossible for them.

Founder Member Respected Mr. Permanand J.Kessani and Mr. Neembaram thanked the entire SutharSamaj.NET Team, Especially the youngsters: he thanked Mr. Girish Jangid, Mr. Ramesh Jangid, Mr. Rakesh Jangid. Mr. Harish Jaitani, Mr. Mukesh Jaitani, Mr. Jagdish Jangid, Mr. Dileep Kessani, Mr. Pankaj Suthar, Mr. Madan Lal Jangid, Mr. Dinesh Suthar, Mr. Govind Ram Jangid.

Managing Director (India) Respected Mr. Sohanlal Jangid thanked the Senior SutharSamaj Team Members, he especially thanked the Founder Members: Mr. Permanand J.Kessani, Mr. Ranomal S. Hirani, Mr. Ganesh Bijani, Mr. Nimbaram Jangid, he also thanked the President of The Suthar samaj.NET Team Respected Mr. Bheemaram ji Mandan and the Vice President Respected Dr. Rasaramji Suthar. He also thanked the Marketing Directors’ Respected Mr. Kirshanji Mandan, Mr. Ramesh Suthar, and Mr. Gumana Ram Jangid.

Group photo of SutharSamaj.net team launching website in India dated 7th Oct 2010

Chief Guests of the sutharsamaj.net website launch Ceremony

  • Shri Mr. Nimbaram Waghmar
  • Shri Mr. Harsukhji Bhadrecha
  • Shri Mr. Pukhraj Choyal
  • Shri Mr. Jivaram Raldiya
  • Shri Mr. Vishan ji Bhawani
  • Shri Mr. Hariram
  • & Others

The Program finished with the speech of the Respected Mr. Nimbaramji Waghmar. He thanked all the special participating guests.

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